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About Grace Chocolates

A Handcrafted Product

At Grace Chocolates we start with a careful selection of cocoa beans for type and origin, Grace Chocolates has complete control over 7 different process steps involved in producing a chocolate bar from beans. The finished chocolate is unique to Grace Chocolates.

A Variety of Direct & Fair Trade Beans

Generally there are three different varieties of Cocoa plants, Criollo, Forastero, and Trinitario. The Criollo bean is the least common of the cocoa beans. When processed correctly, it is a superb, rich cocoa bean with very nice nuances, mild fruity undertones and minimal bitterness. It is the bean of choice for Grace Chocolates' dark chocolate. The next bean is the Trinitario. This bean is a hybrid cross between the Criollo and the Forastero plants.  When processed properly it has a rich chocolate flavor and good fruity undertones and is only mildly bitter. This is the bean of choice for Grace Chocolates' milk chocolate.

Carefully Selected Ingredients

Like coffee the country of origin can also play a significant difference in the flavor of the bean and each growing region will produce its own unique flavors. The large chocolate manufactures will buy beans from multiple locations and blend them all together during the chocolate making process. While it may produce cheap chocolate, it also destroys the unique characteristics of the beans from a single origin. Grace Chocolates uses only carefully selected single variety and single source beans. This produces

a chocolate bar that is a nicely nuanced, rich

chocolate experience. 

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