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It's All About The Bean.

Grace Chocolates is proud to offer a variety of Direct & Fair Trade, ethically sourced & environmentally sustainable chocolates.
Madagascan - Sambirano Valley

Type: Trinitario

Ethically and Sustainably traded

This is a fine flavor grade of cocoa Trinitario from Madagascar, Sambirano Valley. It is a Single Estate Cacao from the Northern Ambanja region. Madagascan cocoa beans are a real powerhouse. When prepared correctly this bean is quickly gaining a reputation as an immensely complex cocoa bean with huge potential. Characteristic of this origin, there is quite a bit of bright fruit, in particular raspberry with a backdrop of softer fruits like plum and apricot.


Venezuelan - Ocumare de la Costa de Oro

Type: Criollo

Ethically and Sustainably traded

The Municipality of Ocumare de la Costa de Oro is one of the 18 municipalities that form part of the state of Aragua, Venezuela. Its capital is Ocumare de la Costa. It is located northwest of the Aragua state within Henri Pettier National Park. In this municipality are located the most famous beaches of Aragua, the paradisaical “Bahía de Cata” and :La Ciénaga”, truly a gift from God for the Aragua’s people.

The first strong characteristic is cacao, followed by bright and lively hints of wild cherry that produces a complex and flavor filled finish.


Peruvian - Ucayali River, Pucallpa

Type: Trinitario

Ethically and Sustainably traded

UCAYALI RIVER CACAO is a central fermentary that works with cocoa farmers along the Ucayali River outside of the Peruvian city of Pucallpa.

The beans have a lovely floral component. There is the refrained brightness of strawberry, passion fruit and melon. There is virtually non-existent astringency and bitterness showing no signs of incomplete fermentation, and you should not forget or think this delicateness doesn’t include a clarity of chocolate flavors. This is a very easy eating chocolate, eminently approachable but not even close to being boring.


Fijian - Nunokoloa, Rakiraki Provence 

Type: Forastero Amelonado

Ethically and Sustainably traded

Rakiraki is a district in Fiji Ra Province. It is located about halfway between Suva and Nadi when traveling along the Kings Road, on the northern coast of Viti Levu, Fiji’s largest island. Prominent landmarks include Navatu Rock in Vitawa village, believed to be one of Fiji’s oldest human settlements. The first aroma is intense toffee.

Like our other Fiji offering, this one too has a deep sweet impression of dried fruits. These are the deep low toned fruits, not the bright acidity ones. 

There is also a crème brule caramelization that is a sharp tangy shot to the senses.


Vietnamese - Dak Lak Provence

Type: Trinitario

Ethically and Sustainably traded

Dak Lak is located in Vietnam’s Central Highlands. There is an earthy aroma with taste hints of dried fig and molasses. The flavor starts off with a mouthwatering tartness but it is a softer and rounder tartness. There is also raisin and dried cherry. The tartness is of walnut skin and not unlike coffee. This has a nice clean profile overall.

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